Call of Duty:
Black Ops 3

Role: Design Director
Client: Activision
Company: AKQA
Designers: Mallory Taylor, Courtney Kuhlman


For the 2015 installment of the Call of Duty franchise, AKQA were responsible for the entire online identity and look and feel of the new game. For the launch of the game we partnered with Treyarch and Edleman to create the first ever in game tease for a new game by adding 'easter eggs' into the older 'Black Ops II' game that led to a series of under the radar snapchat videos that we were able to art direct and make, that gave clues as to what the next game was and what it would involve.

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After the initial teaser trailer was dropped, we launched the new Black Ops III website, with new look, iconography and mobile first compatability.