Guitar Hero

Role: Design Director / Art Director
Client: Activision
Company: AKQA
Designers: Mallory Taylor, Courtney Kuhlman


In the new Guitar Hero game, Players of the are given a chance to feel like a real rockstar, with live crowds reacting to how you play.

We created an online site experience that follows on from this by reacting to your movements, not only as you move the mouse, but also cheer for you as you look through the site and even boo you when you arent doing anything!

Having been brought onto the project at an early stage, we were able to influence typography, iconography and general look and feel for how the game, for which we created a brand book and sprite guide which included in-depth detail as to how everything should look online.

We were able to also work closely with the production company that was creating the video assets for the game itself, and at the time of shooting the game, we were able to Art Direct and create video assets for the site that not only mimic what was shot for the game, but also include the same extras.